Welcome to Form & Fritid!

Welcome to Form & Fritid!

Form & Fritid Nørre Nebel is a modern leasure centre and offers activities and experiences for the whole family.

Form & Fritid offers you:
- Svimming bath with 25m lanes and children-friendly hot water pool.
- Sportscourts prepared for all the popular sports.
- Outdoor sports facilities.
- Exercising centre with professional trainers, ultramodern equipment and numerous activities.
- Cafeteria overlooking swimming and sportscentre.
- Friendly, warm and cozy atmosphere.

Form & Fritid is an independent institution which employs 5 permanent staff members and some part time employees and freelancers. For more than 30 years we have been a natural gathering point for locals and an obvious place to visit for the many tourists along the coastline nearby.

Our core values are:
Health - Wellness - Exercising - Cosiness.


From these values, we provide and develop activities for the individual as well as for the community. Similarly, the core values apply to the daily dialogue with our guests and our staff internaly.

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